The hyppe max flow 5000 puffs is the newest vaporizer available. It is a sleek and stylish product that comes with a variety of features. There are also various flavors that you can choose from. In addition, it is a product that can be recharged and comes with a lanyard.


The Hyppe Max flow 5000 is a 650 mAh battery powered vape that lasts for a full day on one charge. It also has an e juice capacity of 13ml, which is enough for about a week worth of vaping. The device comes pre-loaded with a 50 mg nicotine salt e-juice, and is compatible with Type-C charging ports.

The Hyppe Max Flow 5000 is one of the smallest devices on the market, which is a tad surprising considering that it packs a lot of power. Thankfully, the device is compact and fits in your palm. You’ll also enjoy the snazzy design. It looks like a beach toy.

This small but mighty device has a long battery life, and a nice looking lanyard to boot. On the downside, the Hyppe Max Flow 5000’s main drawback is the fact that it won’t function properly when charged.

Battery life

Hyppe Max Flow is a brand new premium pre-filled disposable device on the vape scene. This juggernaut is bigger, better, and more fun than its predecessors, and will hold a respectable 2000+ puffs before requiring recharging. It also has a number of impressive features including a full-size rechargeable battery and a slick new design. A lanyard, a fancy name-brand charger, and a handy dandy USB charging port all come as standard.

The 900mAh battery can last for a solid full day of vaping, and is easily recharged via the Type-C connector. To ensure safety, the device also has a built-in LED flashlight. Some of the fancy features include an adjustable bottom airflow control ring and a draw activated firing mechanism. You’ll probably have a hard time convincing people you’re not smoking when you tote around this little device.

Flavors available

Hyppe Max Air is a disposable vape that comes in 10 flavors. It uses a mesh coil to produce dense clouds of vape. Each device has a built-in rechargeable battery and a lanyard. The battery also lights up to indicate when you need to charge it.

It is also easy to use. Its unique design makes it comfortable to hold. You can even fit it into your palm or breast pocket.

Unlike other e-cigarettes, it has a powerful mesh coil that delivers dense clouds of vape. Each device features a 650mAh rechargeable battery. This means that you will be able to have enough power to last all day.

Hyppe Max Air Disposable Vape is a premium vape that lasts for up to 5000 puffs. Each unit comes with a 650mAh rechargeable battery and a lanyard for convenient carrying.


Hyppe Max Air is a compact, disposable vape that has a high level of performance. With a unique design and draw-activated firing mechanism, Hyppe Max delivers intense, mouth-to-lung hits.

It has a sleek, box-shaped body that is made from two convex pieces of white plastic. The rubberized grip area adds to the smoothness of the device, making it a comfortable and enjoyable device to use.

Hyppe Max has a rechargeable battery, which is a plus. You can easily charge it with the Type-C connector on the bottom. Moreover, it comes pre-filled with a 13 mL bottle of e-juice, which contains 5% nicotine.

During our review period, we found that the battery did an excellent job. It has a long run time and the flavor was good.

Returns and exchanges

The Hyppe Max Flow is a high quality pre-filled disposable vape. It comes in a sleek and slender design with a 650 mAh battery built in, giving you up to 2000 puffs of e-juice before you have to top it up. With this much juice in your tank, you can expect to have fun with this nifty little gadget.

In addition to the aforementioned 5000 puffs, the device comes with an integrated lanyard for on-the-go usage. This is a great way to save your hands from scuffing up your new vape. As for the e-juice, you’re getting 13ml of flavorful goodness.

What’s more, you can customize your airflow with the press of a button. You’ll have a hard time finding a better device to test out your newest e-juice of choice.